Lighthearted, Inspiring, Fun, 'Wonuvakind' Entertainment

The Merry Weatherbee Program

A delightful upbeat presentation featuring a wide variety of fun observations put to rhyme. A perfect program for Business, Civic, Church & Social Gatherings!

Merry covers oodles of fun topics that weave wit and wisdom with inspiring Christian faith. Here are a few examples:

  • Life is a Yo-Yo
  • Seasons, The Spice of Life
  • Garage Sales
  • Christmas Comes Too Early
  • Potty Training
  • God’s Grace in Space
  • The Guilt Trip 
  • Curse of the Purse
  • Driving with Your Spouse

From child rearing and motherhood, to marriage, family life, and random object lessons in life, Merry has topics to entertain most any audience; from young parents to seasoned grandparents. She is ready to bring meaningful merriment to your special event!

Preview the Show

Audience Merry-ment

“Penny calls Merry ‘a life observer ‘, but as she bounces into your women’s event, showering “howdy’s” and smiles on everyone, you soon realize she is much more than that. Although it is true that she dispenses the retelling of life’s situations with wit, humor, and grace, she delves further into them. She explores situations and relationships with God’s wisdom, and draws us into thoughtful and challenging conclusions. You hardly realize at first how your heart is being touched, because you are having such fun and laughing so hard.”

— Davidene Humphreys, National Speaker & Author

Flexible Programming

Merry Weatherbee can adapt her presentation to fit your programming needs.
  • Full-length program as featured speaker. (30 – 50 minutes) Download Price Info
  • Short devotional speaker or “warm-up” for the keynote address. (5-10 minutes)
  • Fun recurring character in variety show or multi-speaker formats.

Custom Creations

Merry can custom create observations that enhance the theme of your occasion or pay playful tribute to special guests in your group. Download Price Info Through her poetry and her slice-of-life, wacky random observations, Merry has every topic covered from seasonal & holidays, to motherhood, marriage, & sisters in the ‘hood.

The Perfect Idea For...

Reserve this refreshingly unique, fun entertainment for your next

  • Church & Civic Programs
  • Club or Business Meetings
  • Fundraisers
  • Senior Community Programs
  • Social Gatherings
  • Charity Events
  • Conventions
  • Ladies’ Retreats & Luncheons
  • Holiday & Seasonal

What they say...

Reviews from guests about the many merry moments Merry Weatherbee has brought to women, men and even teenagers!!

Let's share a laugh!

A merry heart is good medicine, and Merry Weatherbee is out to bring you a healthy dose!

Bookings & Books!!

Book Merry Weatherbee for your next event and then check out the book that started it all – Life is a Yo-Yo! The book features many of Merry’s observations and makes great “thank you” gifts, souvenirs, and door prizes to complement your event.