Merry Weatherbee's Alter Ego

Penny Stephenson

What do you get when you cross a housewife and mother, with a commercial writer, actress and poet?  — A not-so-desperate housewife?  Close.  “Merry Weatherbee, Life Observer!”  Still confused? I like to think of her as an Erma Bombeck put to rhyme! 

I created the character of Merry Weatherbee ~ Life Observer, who observes life in the rhyme of schemes, in 1985, during the oil bust years of the Mid-West, while raising my children as a stay-at-home mom and working as a commercial freelance writer, producer, and actress.

After earning a B.A. Degree in Radio and Television, I have enjoyed more than 30 adventurous years in the Broadcast Industry, PR and Corporate Communications.

Married to Craig Stephenson, retired geologist and proud mother of two married children and five grandchildren, I too have retired into a “new career” as a humorous & inspirational author and speaker.

Each of Merry’s observations is written from my first-hand experiences. Although some of my topics have been suggested by family and friends, or submitted by keen life observers like YOU!

Like her name implies, Merry discovers the merriment and object lessons hidden in the mundane things of life, such as laundry day, grocery shopping, weeding, house cleaning, and the ever popular pastime of driving with your spouse! 

She’s my merry-ministry, spreading the medicine of mirth and encouragement to audiences of all ages and stages.   I love performing Merry as much as writing her, I’m like an audio book in living color except I get to enjoy watching audiences respond when touched by laughter or inspiration.

Let the Merriment Begin!

Merry is a woman for all seasons bringing merriment for all reasons, to Women’s Ministry events, MOPS groups, Business and Nonprofit meetings & banquets, Retirement Center programs and more.