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observing life in the rhyme of schemes...

A merry heart is good medicine and the Merry Weatherbee Show is out to bring you a healthy dose! Through her witty, poetic observations, Merry discovers God’s mirth buried under loads of laundry, between couch cushions, inside a sack of potatoes, while plucking weeds, navigating garage sales, or even driving with your spouse. It’s good clean, positive fun perfect for you next event!

The Show...

Merry Weatherbee

This delightful one-of-a-kind, upbeat program features a wide variety of observations put to rhyme that weave wit, wisdom and ticklish truths that provide lots of chuckles and meaningful merriment for your special event. It’s the perfect program pick for Churches, Women’s, Young Mothers’, Business and Civic organizations, Retirement Clubs, Senior Living Center Programs, Caring Support Groups, plus Holiday and Seasonal events and more!

The Merry Weatherbee Show has plenty of topics that fit most any audience and program. We can even custom-create observations that enhance the theme of your occasion or pay playful tribute to special guests in your group.  Click below to see Merry in action!

lighthearted, Inspiring, Fun Entertainment

Schedule Merry’s one-of-a-kind program – perfect for your next business, civic, church, or social gathering and holiday events. Based in Oklahoma, Merry Weatherbee is up for traveling just about anywhere to share her ticklish truths with your group!

What the neighbors are saying...

The Book

Life is a Yo-Yo is full of witty, honest and delightful poems that are sure to provide chuckles and encouragement to your day.

Merry Weatherbee’s collection of poetry is a fun & inspiring read that is perfect for readers of all ages and stages – and the perfect gift, souvenir or door prize to compliment the Merry Weatherbee Show!

The Person...

What do you get when you cross a housewife and mother, with a commercial writer, actress and poet? –A not-so-desperate housewife? Or maybe Merry Weatherbee, Life Observer!

I like to think of Merry as an Erma Bombeck put to rhyme! I love performing Merry as much as writing her poems. I’m like an audio book in living color…

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